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Here you will find a vast array of flats fishing and skinny water boats that you can build yourself. Ranging from 13’ to 22’, there is a size to fit all needs and all budgets. Here at, we have been designing flats boats and providing kits to build them for over 25 years. Those years of experience have lead to a highly refined range of boats, which can still be personalized and customized by the builder, to fit every need! These boats can be built in our plywood/epoxy/fiberglass sandwich method or, for some of the plans, as foam cored composite hulls. We provide kits and All Supplies of course!

At the larger end of the scale is the Extreme Flats 20 (XF20) and the Extreme Flats 22 (XF22). These are tunnel hulls that can be built on a small budget and perform better than most carbon fiber machines. There are also several 18’ skinny water hulls available: the  The Texas Sled 18’ (TX18) is an inverted “V” Hickman sled type, the classic   Phantom 18, The newly designed   Laguna Madre 18' (LM18), and ever popular Flats Stalker 18 (FS18).

Along with the PH18, the Phantom range also includes 15’, 16’, and 22’ versions. Each version is lightweight, easy to pole, and boasts a very shallow draft. The PH16 and PH18 are full-fledged flats boats that can take a crew of up to 4 or 5 persons.

On the other end of the spectrum are our Solo Flats Skiff 13’ (FS13) and Solo Flats Skiff 14’ (SK14)These are Stand Up Paddle (SUP) style designs that can take a small engine! Lastly, we have the Micro Flats Fast Skiff 14 LS (FS14_LS).
This is a low sheer version of our Fast Skiff 14’ (FS14) . It is a very small and light flats boat that can take a crew of one or two persons and performs well with a small tiller outboard.

This page has links to all the detailed information, tips, tricks, and actual building reports. We provide support via our Builder’s forum where you will get all the help you need while you build. Our building notes are very detailed, making the smaller boats simple projects that first time builders can undertake, without fear!

NOTE: The boats we have showcased on this page are 100% pure fishing machines. Many of our other plans and kits are shallow draft boats suitable for use in skinny water. Please have a look through the site, we are sure you will find the boat that best fits your needs!

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Tech support

The best technical support: we will help you succeed! All our plans and kits come with full technical support. Ask questions on our support website

Designers and fellow builders will respond immediately. At the same site, you will find hundreds of pages of tutorials, plans updates, a forum to share ideas about our boats, and thousands of pictures of completed boats, and many of the building steps done by builders like you.

All of the supplies required to build our boats are available at Epoxy resins, fiberglass, marine plywood, foam, paint and hardware will be delivered to your door at a lower price than local stores.

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