Convertable MJ5 Manual Jack Plate – Heavy Duty

2.5″ or 5″ setback manual jack plate :200 HP MAX


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The standard MJ5 was discontinued. This is the Heavy Duty Version, thicker Aluminum has been substituted. All other specs are the same.

2 1/2 inch offset no wedge
A feature which is used on the lightest of boats. Allowing the engine to be raised to its maximum height without putting the weight of the engine too far behind the transom which could create too much bow lift.

We used this jack plate on our FS17 skiff and we love it, adjustable with only a wrench, it allows for a nice offset and for easy “dialing” in of your engine height. See below link to the gallery of this boat

2 1/2 inch Offset with Negative 6-Degree Wedge This design can be used when the transom of a boat is too steep of an angle to allow the outboard motor to perform properly. For example: an 18-degree transom when this design is applied.

5-inch Offset No Wedge
This option desirability will vary from one boat to another depending upon weight and length of boat. Some outboard motors have a limited trim angle and the 6-degree wedge may not allow for enough bow lift. By setting the plate at the no wedge design, it will give maximum bow lift.

5-inch Offset with 6-Degree Wedge

* Jacking bolts- allow motor to be moved to any height. No need to take boat out of the water.
* Offset- positions motor 5 1/2 inches behind transom. This allows prop to run in cleaner water, away from the turbulence and bubbles created by the hull. This helps stop slippage of prop, and helps stop torque in steering wheel at high speeds.
* Trim-In- this allows motor to be trimmed in or down 6 degrees more than if mounted flat on transom. Helps stop low speed porpoising. Balance load better.
* Light-weight- approximately 26lbs., constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel.
* Anodized- anodized black finish to prevent corrosion. Anodize also lets paint stick to aluminum if painting is preferred.
* Narrow designed- only inches wide, make this plate possible to fit the narrowest of transoms.
* Fits V-6- pre-drilled to fit all late model V-6’s. Can be modified to fit any size outboard.

Converting the new 4 in 1 is as easy as dropping anchor!

Adjustable plates turn 180 degrees and switch sides, then bolt in place.

Additional information

Weight60 lbs
Dimensions18 × 11 × 7 in


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