Rigid rub rail white per 50′ roll

**special price on 50′ roll**

1 1/2″H X 11/16″W Rigid Rub rail Base, WHITE,

Punched 6″ on center for #8 Screw

50′ max continuous single length

Ships Via UPS

Flexible Insert Sold Separately


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A two-piece system comprised of a rigid base and flexible insert. The rigid base provides for a straight installation and the flexible insert provides a cushioning effect. Pre-drilled every 6″ for a #8 screw – makes for very easy installation vs. flexible rub rail. Both black (8178) and white (878) insert will fit.

We have used this rub rail on our own boats and really like how easy it installs. Also, gives a very clean look.

50′ max continuous single length

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Weight20 lbs


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