SilverTip EZ Fillet Kit 3 Quart


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SilverTip EZ-Fillet
EZ-Fillet is a wood flour-filled two-part putty specifically designed for stitch-and-glue wooden boat construction. Its ketchup-like, self-leveling consistency allows it to be measured by volume or weight. The resin (part A) is brick red in color while the hardener (part B) is a deep, dark green. A rich brown wood tone results when the two parts are combined indicating complete mixing. The putty thickens after mixing to form an easy to spread thixotropic compound which will not run or sag.

EZ-Fillet has been designed for superior strength and workability and can be used by itself to create smooth cosmetic fillets or as a structural fillet when combined with fiberglass cloth.

Recommended Uses:
EZ-Fillet is specifically designed for both cosmetic and structural fillets in stitch- and-glue wooden boat construction.

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions6 × 10 × 12 in


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