Extreme Flats 22 (XF22)

The XF22 is a larger version of our XF20. See the XF20 study plans for an explanation of our tunnel system. The larger design was requested by fishing guides who needed more room. As can be seen in the XF20 pictures, at our boat builder's meetings, we had close to 20 persons onboard of an XF20 with water barely reaching the scuppers but despite that capacity, some more elbow room is always welcome. Unlike the light version of the XF20 (the one without a sole), the XF22 was designed from the start for heavy duty use and more HP. The hull framing is tighter and the fiberglass specifications heavier but still, thanks to its' larger water plane, the boat floats in very little water. The XF22 is designed for an outboard mounted on a bracket.

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